I haven’t written anything for a couple of days because I had to cool down. My next blog was going to be fluffy and friendly and light — about my trip from Cali to Denver. Hopefully, I’ll get around to that the first of the week.

However, I shared a cartoon on Facebook that on one side said, “What is your plan to get America back to work.” The answer from the elephant dressed in shirt and tie was, “We’re against gay marriage and abortion.”

The cartoon was posted because I’m so tired of only hearing rhetoric and no answers.  No answers on job creation, fixing the infrastructure, taxes, immigration reform, fixing the educational system…….so many questions, yet absolutely no answers. As an Independant — Yes, I’m an Independant who researches individual candidates and votes for those whose beliefs and ideals best line up with mine. But we have no idea what the Republican candidates stand for — except for some scary things — wanting to overturn Roe v Wade; eliminating all abortions, even in cases of rape and incest — taking birth control out of health insurance coverage without answers about what to do with the unwanted children —  (and is birth control really more expensive and relevant than ob/gyn care, delivery, years of pediatric care, welfare for those kids who were abandoned by their fathers, cases of child abuse/murder and putting the abusers in prison?) –and why should little blue pills be kept in health insurance coverage if there’s not going to be any place safe to use them?

In California, Governor Brown recently passed into a law that illegal aliens who have gone to school here can go to college free. F’ing free. What about the hard-working parents who have to take out thousands of dollars in student loans so they can put their kids through college? Or the kids who work multiple jobs to put themselves through? Oh….and California is already bankrupt.

When the “Occupy” movements were sweeping the country, it sickened me when thousands of these homeless, unemployed, “downgraded,” terminated, laid-off,  foreclosed-on-because-the-banks-that-were-receiving-subsidies-refused-to-use-that-allocated-money-to help-them  people were camping out in tents and sleeping bags to make a point that all those tax benefits to the wealthy were NOT creating jobs. That the multi-million dollar bonuses CEO’s were getting wasn’t helping them a bit.

They wanted to work. They wanted their homes back. They didn’t care if it was a private sector job or government job. They wanted that “American dream” they’d been promised — that if they worked hard enough they could have anything they wanted — and earned. That white-picket fence thing. A safe retirement once those 20-50 years of honest work was over.  Or that if you served your country with honor in the military and put your life on the line so those millionaires/billionaires/corporate giants would have a safe place to live and thrive, there would be a job waiting for them when they got home. And health care. And respect.

Instead, those tax breaks and bonuses the government promised  would create jobs in the private sector weren’t “trickling down,” they were flooding sideways — to Brazil, Thailand, Russia, India, China — while the people at the top were pocketing the rest.

And what response did they get? Some asshole in a BMW convertible would drive by honking his horn and yelling, “Get a job!”

That’s what triggered my pissed-off-dom.  I received a response to the cartoon from someone I’ve thought had been my friend for a decade.  After a rant about fornication, abortion, etc., she finished up with:  “Find your own plan to get back to work…..get out of the freaking bed, look for a job, and when one is offered…TAKE IT. Poor little helpless fools.”

First of all, coming from a friend, it was terribly insensitive considering my current situation. Because of the career path I’ve chosen, if I don’t find a job for fall semester I’m basically both unemployed and homeless. That’s the nature of the job. Hiring season is March – August. There may be a few around Christmas break.  My job includes my living space, food, cable, internet, etc. If I’m not working, there’s no place to live.  And though I’m looking at the prospect as an adventure, it’s still a fact of my life.

But what really pissed me off is that for the last six years I’ve lived with bright college women who worked their butts off to get a high grade point and over-participate in campus activities to set themself apart and graduate in exactly four years with the intention of using that degree to get a good job after graduation.  These were girls from University of California at Berkeley, USC, San Diego State, and UCLA. Some got those great jobs. Others?  The jobs they anticipated? Not there.

One girl who graduated a semester early had only one prospect in the first six months — selling fake perfume.  Many — MANY — others ended up tending bar. Or as bank tellers. Or $10/hour “management trainees” for rent-a-car companies. Or are working part-time jobs at Starbucks in the hope that they’ll eventually be promoted into management.

Dozens took “administrative assistant” jobs where for the most part, all they needed were basic clerical/computer skills.  Several took jobs overseas because there was nothing here.  Still more went back to grad schools in hopes that the employment picture would be better when they graduate the next time. Or gave up the job search and signed up for another year of school at a different university to get teaching certifications.

And what are the country’s plans for the thousands of military personnel that will be rotating back to the States now that we’re bringing them back from the Middle East? The military sure as hell doesn’t retrain them or do anything to prepare them for the outside world.  They’ll be added to that “poor little helpless fools” category. Of course, that means they’ll be too lazy to find a place to live, too, and end up on the street.

I’m pissed. I want answers. No more canned answers. No more flip-flopping. Real. Honest. To. God. Answers. Answers that stay the same from speech to speech. I’m tired of the negative ads that are usually filled with mis-information and lies.  This election year, everyone’s mad. Mad as hell. We want our country back. The country with an education system that was the envy of the world. The country where anyone who wanted a job could get one. At a decent pay rate. Where health insurance was affordable. And so was a college education. Where there were ENFORCED immigration laws. If someone didn’t come into the country legally, we sent them the hell back home.  Why should my daughter’s boyfriend have to pay $5000 and go unemployed for six months to get a legitimate work visa while others are getting all the benefits without the responsibilities that go with them?

Answers. I need them NOW.

One of my high-school buddies made a comment that she loves my political posts because I have friends who are intelligent enough to carry on discussions about real issues. I try to surround myself with people who, regardless of where we stand, we respect each others’ opinions and think we might just learn something from each other.

But “poor little helpless fools?”

Whether she and her husband like their jobs or not, they both have long-time, well-paying jobs with good benefits. It’s easy to slam those who aren’t as fortunate when your life is stable. Just close your eyes. It’s easy. As easy as pushing one lever on election day so you don’t have to think about individual candidates.

I look at the great Republican presidents — Lincoln, Eisenhower — if they were here today, they wouldn’t be Republicans. Check out what they stood for. Look at their quotes. Read their speeches.

We’re out of control. We have legislators who are falling off both sides. There’s no one in the middle to speak the voice of reason and work on compromises. It’s more important to look like a way-too liberal Democrat or a way-too conservative Republican than a Real American who wants the best for our country. And the majority of the people in it, not just the elite. Obviously, that plan didn’t work. But half our Congressmen are millionaires, and that’s all that really counts. And Supreme Court justices are investors in, on the boards of, or used to work for companies and are now voting on laws that effect those same companies.

I don’t care what color underwear you have on — red/blue — don’t give a flying F. We need Congress-people who vote America First and choice of animal second.  Step up and show me who you are. Eschew party lines and let me know what YOU believe. That will get my vote. And I’ve got a feeling, you’ll get a lot more than mine.   And after you’re elected? Vote your conscience — not what your party tells you to do. We need more Tom Coburns (R-OK). I’d vote for him any day of the week.

So, I’m through now. For now. I’m still steaming. “Poor Little Helpless Fools?”

I still love you, my friend, but you need to clean all that wax out of your ears. It’s time to let some fresh air flow through your mind and take in some reality.

See you Monday. Hopefully, it will be a happier post. Damn, I’m mad.