I’ve been looking forward to today for so long. Since I’ve never been a “grandma,” this is all kind of new. I was supposed to head to the ranch today, but asked if I could spend one day with the kids before the new babysitter comes for a day and they go back to school the next.

Jason & the kids got back from Vegas yesterday; Jenni caught a flight to Nova Scotia to work with a cheer squad. She’s become the hot shit she thought (OK, knew) she was in high school.  

So rather than bring in the babysitter, I’m staying with Jerzi (the little mother), Jaxi (the tv/I-pad addict), and Judson (Little Dude/Energizer Bunny). And of course, the four balls of fuzz who have learned to hide and run again.

After a minor catastrophe of Judson awakening and not being able to find his dad, we’ve been fine. While he was “waiting” for his dad to call, he fell back to sleep and woke up with a smile on his face and a song in his heart. And chewing gum in his hand.

Jaxi, however, is having an absolutely horrible day because we’re not letting her turn on the television or the I-pad and she’s having to find ways to entertain herself. This is being problematic. But, we’re getting it done.

Jerzi is putting together all the kids’ school supplies for this year. There’s a teacher conference tonight when they have to show they have everything they need.

I’m loving it. I’ve got a white fuzzy dog staring at me with his head over the back of the computer screen and the little kitty’s head is sticking out of a bag.  Jerzi figured if she put a scrunchie around the office door handles, she could keep the little ones out. WRONG!

We have relented. It’s 12:45, and as soon as the munchkins clean up all their stuff, they can turn on the TV. We made it till afternoon. That’s pretty good, right?

The two younger ones  are now watching Netflix – some strange show about kids going to school on a ship where everyone overacts. No animals in sight in the living room of office where we’re working. Jerzi just tried to leave the office to find that Judson had put a scrunchie on the outside of the door. Obviously, a quick learner in the ornery category. Jaxi is now a vegetable on the couch. Jerzi has finished putting all the school supplies together and is about to cry because she’s feeling so old because she’s going into the fourth grade.

Judson is now helping me by putting wrappers away in the trash.

It’s now one o’clock. Ok, we’re now at 1:30. We’ve putting all the school supplies in their individual bags. Judson is off putting stuff (keys and chapstick, primarily) in a bag for his “school” so he’s like the other kids.

Now, we’re going out for ice cream. That’s a good grandma lunch, right?

After ice cream, we’re coming home to get everyone showered, dressed and ready for Jason to come home from work to take the kids to their parent/kid/teacher “meet and greet.”

I will be at home patting myself on the back for making it through a day with three very different but individually wonderful kids I’d love to be around all the time.

Tomorrow, I head for the ranch for the next stage of my adventure.

Something came up where I had to make a decision that split me down the middle. My logical, responsible adult, head part said one thing, but I instantly knew it was the wrong decision. Fought with myself all afternoon and through the night. Even dreamed about it and woke up a wreck. Then sent Abbi an e-mail. Made the right decision. Know it in my heart.

It’s a strange time in my life. But I learn more about myself every day. Am sorting out who I was taught to be, who I became, the things one moment did to change my life, and working on finding “me.” As I’ve said so many times before, I’ll never be who I was but I’m excited to find out who I’m going to be. And where I live. And if I work. And at what. And how long it will take to finish the next book. And……..I guess I’m at the part in the TV show where “To Be Continued” shows up on the screen.

But for now, I’m going to be the “grandma” who takes three rowdy kids out for ice cream. It’s 2 o’clock. We almost made it out on time. Either way, I’ll be the one with the smile on my face.

See you tomorrow. Be safe out there.