Today’s post was going to be about how much I hate 3-days week-ends, and think we enjoyed having one day off in the middle of the week more than three days together. It’s not really enough time to go anywhere, but just enough time off to tick you off because you can’t.

All the time schlepping back and forth from Vegas to La & back (sometimes, making the 10-11 hour round trip in one day), put me in a position to not understand why my Kids from San Diego and LA areas are all “Vegas Baby” every time a 3-day week-end arrives.  Because of the stop and stop traffic, that normal 4.5 hour drive from LA or 6-hour drive from San Diego becomes more like 7 – 10 hours — sometimes more. To me, that would take the fun out of the short period of time I’d be able to enjoy myself — especially facing an equally frustrating, slow and long drive home.  Friday trips from LA to Vegas are the worse, when the car behind me is filled with college kids; all with beers in their hands drinking their way to Vegas. Luckily, since we were only going about 10 miles per hour, I felt relatively safe, but still want to get out of the car and bitch slap them.

Then, I was going to talk about how frustrating it is for me to have gone from someone who could multi-task herself into oblivion and love every minute of it, have two books going at the house and another one in the car (and remember what each was about), and worked on writing one book in the morning and either magazine articles or another book in the afternoon being transformed into someone who can only focus on one large project at a time and picks up a book not having a clue where I left off.

And then, there’s the frustration of trying to lose weight at 65 years old when I can’t exercise, thanks to the same incident that stole my ability to multi-task/focus/remember what I’ve just read.  And how much I miss exercising. And even sweating.  Maybe once all this is over I can get a physical therapy person to help me get some of my strength and flexibility back. I’d love to be able to swim again, but as of now, can’t move my neck enough, so I’d drown.

But I think I’m going to go with last night’s Thunder/Spurs game. Or lack of same. I haven’t been that bored since I watched Hoffa….the only movie I ever walked out on.

I’ve so been looking forward to this series — two teams who could arguably beat any time in the East (with apologies to My Girls, Genise who loves her Heat and Jeanelle who would sacrifice herself to the gods for her Celtics…..I’ve already made apologies to my adorable Tammy Mao for my feelings towards her beloved Lakers.)

But last night, neither of the teams earned that acolade. Both teams were missing 3-pointers. Both missed easy slam dunks. Ibaka did his job. So did Tony Perkins. Our Cedrick Perkins played well. But Westbrook spent most of his time on the bench… there something they’re not telling us?  It seemed Durant couldn’t make a three pointer if the game depended on it. Hell. Most of the time neither team was even hitting free throws. W. T. F.?

The Thunder should have won last night. The way the Spurs were playing, if we’d stuck to the normal game plan of conserving energy during the first half, staying with in 10 points, start playing when the time clock hit 3 minutes, and winning in the last 10 seconds, we would have be fine. But the guys looked so frustrated.  There was no spark. That Thunder Edge was nowhere to be found.

The poor schmuck two seats from me had about 10 bets in his hand…..Over 191.5 points (lost), Westbrook with over 25 points (lost), the list goes on. The only thing he won was a bet for 3 -three-pointers from each team, and he had that by half time. But he kept going back to the window to  place more bets to hedge on the bets he’s already made.  Throwing good money after bad.

Another guy came in later and sat beside me….we talked about the game for awhile, the mistakes and lousy play from both sides, and his bets. His were slightly better than the first guy, but not not enough to make a real difference. He asked me what bets I had. I told him I don’t bet. I just came to enjoy the game.  He told me, “You didn’t win either.” I had to agree. We also agreed that Tony Parker was a freaking idiot for going out on Eva Longoria, who was smarter than most and kicked his ass out on the first offense. Which tells you how bored we were with the game itself.

It reminded me of the legend Papa Bear Halas (did you know he was also an inventor, lawyer, and had played both pro football and baseball?) when he stood at the front of the team bus after Da Bears had totally embarrassed themselves for an entire 60 minutes of play.  His first remark was “Gentlemen, this is a football.”  Maybe Brown should have had the same talk last night. The old Thunder magic just weren’t there.

Maybe the ease with which they beat the Mavericks (and thank you so much for wiping that smurk smirk off of Mark Cuban’s face), and the Lakers, whose only game of the series was won by the refs, they thought the Spurs were going to be a piece of cake, too. Who knows. Maybe it was just a really bad night.

(But didn’t you love it when, after Kobe (the bitchy little girl) blamed Gasol for the Lakers loss of the game the previous night, followed by several news sources blaming Kobe and Metta and their technical fouls for the loss in game 4? Since we won by 3, they may have been right. Either way, Kobe was pretty quiet after that.)

Regardless, I’m still hoping for a series where both of these talented teams remember how to play ball starting on Tuesday. I’ll be back in a casino watching, because that’s almost as much fun as being at a game. I’ll put myself in yet another smoke-filled room where I expect a luau pit to be unearthed at any minute, and I’ll yell and talk trash with the guys around me who are there every night. I just hope I don’t walk out on the game again…..I left with 2.25 to go. Not because I thought the Thunder was going to lose, because I’ve seen them pull out clutch wins in the past, but because I was simply too bored to watch another minute.

I want a series where both teams play their guts out, I want to see them sweat. I want to see them foul. I want to see passion and maybe a little blood and the love of the game come out. And pride in their cities. And pride in themselves. And both teams doing everything in their power to beat the crap out of the other team. They’ve both worked too hard to get to this point to quit playing now.

And I’m not even a basketball fan…..haven’t been since I had the biggest crush ever on a basketball player in junior high school when I didn’t miss a single game so I could watch him run up and down the court  in those tiny shorts the players wore back then.  He didn’t even know I existed. Probably wouldn’t know my name if he heard it today.

But damn it, the Thunder has made me a basketball fan again. And if I’m going to sacrifice myself to a room filled with smoke, drunks, and homeless people who can spend whole days in the sports-book room just to have a place to stay, I deserve a good game. I’ll be there tomorrow night…..and we better Thunder the Fuck Up.

I’m running to Abbi’s tomorrow morning to take some of my stuff to put into storage. On to the next phase of the adventure. I’ll be back Wednesday. Till then, be safe, be careful, and watch out for drunk college kids with beers in their hands in the car behind you. See you then.