I’m tired of being labeled. Because I don’t believe in “conservative” values doesn’t make me a liberal. Hell, it doesn’t even make me a Democrat.

As a matter of fact, when I first registered to vote I researched all those in office and decided that Eisenhower  (R) best represented most of the beliefs I embraced. But so did Bob Byrd of West Virginia (RDD – for the uneducated, that’s Red Dog Democrat). I decided to go for the big picture and registered Republican.

I stood in the polling booth that looked more like a department store dressing room for over an hour and couldn’t make myself fill in the circle beside Nixon or Humphrey’s name, so along with another 10,000 people,I voted for Pat Paulson. He didn’t have a snowball’s chance in an Oklahoma August of winning, but I had to show someone I voted. And that I couldn’t in good conscience vote for the options I was given.

I voted for Reagan twice.

And if you’re pissed off that Clinton got a blow job or two, shouldn’t you be just as pissed at Eisenhower for having his (mistress) jeep driver get the job as his driver once he was in  the Presidential office? And both Mamie and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew what their husbands were doing and stayed with them anyway. That says a lot for the relationships they had outside of those indiscretions.

I stood in line for two hours in the pouring rain in Omaha to vote for Mondale — knowing he didn’t have a chance for winning.

The bottom line is that I don’t own one pair of either blue or red underwear. I look at FACTS. I look at what would bring the most respect to our country. Who will represent us best in the international climate. Who has the interests of the American public at heart. Who will keep us out of wars where we don’t belong? Who has a heart for the middle class?

Obama wasn’t my first choice for president. It’s none of your business who my first choice was, but you can be sure that McCain’s choice of Palin for vice president cost him the election — and opened a Pandora’s box that has her still spouting her opinions. I didn’t create the situation. I just make comments on it. The fact that if anything happened to McCain she would have been our President should scare the shit out of anyone. Her opening her mouth overseas about how proud she is of our 57 states or not even knowing there were two Koreas? Holy Mother Of God.   Again, not my fault.

The Republicans blaming President Obama for not getting his goals accomplished, when the Republican-controlled Congress (with the Tea Party contingents’ feet planted firmly that they would NEVER vote for anything their — THEIR President wanted) made sure his goals weren’t accomplished.

Explain to me in language I can understand how giving a tax break of 20% to companies who brought their jobs BACK to the United States has any negative connotations for the American economy. Who does voting down the law benefit? The businesses who ship jobs overseas and are saving a boat-load of money by paying pennies on the American dollar for salaries in sweat shops rather than taking some of the unemployed  — and vetarans –off the street and giving them jobs.  Hell. Ralph Lauren even took advantage of that disguesting trend with the USA team uniforms he was paid to create. And produce. It made his profits higher.  

Trickle-down economics is like a pyramid plan — it only benefits those at the top. We learned that in Econ 101.  Again, not my fault. I just post what is obviously true. No bias. Just the truth.

Romney embarrasses the US by stating that England is a second-class country.  I catch hell because I reposted the front of the London paper.  Why are you mad at me?  Because my head isn’t in the sand? Sorry. I don’t live close enough to a beach. And I didn’t print the front page of the paper.

Romney, in one day, made a total fool of himself by a) scheduling a fund-raising dinner for one of Jew’s most holy of commemorations; the destruction of both the first and second temple — a FAST day (no food, no water) when NO money is handled?    Again, not my fault. Yet you’re pissed off at me for reposting it.   Oh, and hacking off Palestine at the same time by saying Jeruselum is the Israeli capital when today it’s considered part of Palestine?   Again, not my fault.

His press person screams obscenities at a Polish reporter?  Wasn’t there. Didn’t do it. You’re mad at the wrong person.

Romney found a way to embarrass the United States — at a time when the athletes of the world come together to celebrate competing that brings all nations together — in four countries in three days.   I wasn’t there. Don’t blame me. But it’s got to be some kind of a record.

Doesn’t it concern you that this is the image we would be projecting to the rest of the world? We’re already hated for our arrogance and the expectation that everyone in the world speak our language rather than take the time to at least learn a little French, Spanish, Swedish, Swahili to show our respect for their nation. Yet, we’re ticked off when others who come here don’t speak our language. Yup. Double standards to the max.    Again, not my fault. As a matter of fact, even if I butcher what I’ve learned and it gives them a laugh, at least they know I had enough respect for them to try.

Ann Romney says on national tv that they’ve given “you people” enough information about their finances and you think that’s OK?  We expect ALL our presidential candidates to release 8-10 years of records. Why should we expect any less from them. And “You People?” That implies to those in their own party, too. Doesn’t that concern you — just a little bit?

I want you to try that. The next time you’re audited, hand the IRS representative one year of taxes and tell him you’ve given “you people” all the information they need.

It’s not that I’m against Romney. As a matter of fact, there are several areas where I agree with Mitt Romney completely.  I took one of those quizes a couple of months ago, and was surprised I agreed with him on 72% of his beliefs. But he’s flip-flopped so much that I took the very same test last night and found those same beliefs now put me 74% in favor of Obama.    Is it my fault he just tells us what he wants us to hear?   No. Absolutely not.

A Republican comes out and says that giving birth control to women is equal to 9/11. Are you freaking kidding me?  Aren’t you embarrassed by statements like this? Are you still going to vote this idiot back into office? If you’re like my ex-husband and vote straight Republican (so he doesn’t have to think), you will. Shame on you.  Again, not my fault. I wasn’t there. I didn’t utter those words.   If I repost them, don’t be mad at me. He’s your representative. Take responsibility for him.

I’m tired of being labelled.  I’m not a Democrat. I’m not a Liberal.

I’m an American citizen who wants the following: 

 I want everyone to be held to the same standards financially, and believe the only way that can be accomplished is by a national sales tax. Buy a plane, pay tax on a plane. Buy a cheeseburger, be taxed on a cheeseburger.

I want America to once again have the strongest educational system in the world. I want our space program to be equal to or better than those of other nations. I want us to mind our own business and stop leaving our service men and women’s blood on foreign soil where those nations aren’t willing to fight their own battles and want us to stay around and do the job for them. They don’t care about us. They just care how much money they can squeeze out of us.

I want American students to have the same benefits as illegals. Why are we paying for a free education so they can go to Cal and UCLA or any other institution they choose to attend while tax-paying parents are paying top dollar for their kids (who may be working multiple jobs for spending money) to attend the sames schools.

I want America to have the best roads in the world. And bridges we’re not afraid are going to collapse at any minute.

I want us to spend the money we’re investing in other countries infrastructure, human rights, and education to be spent right here at home.

I want our military to be given retraining and re-orientation before they’re shoved back into a world where they no longer can relate or function…..or get a job. I want their homes to be safe from foreclosure. And I want them to have the best medical care we can possibly give them for the rest of their lives. I want us to stop ignoring the damage we’ve done to these brave souls both emotionally and physically and reward them for their sacrifice.

I want my daughter to be able to get insurance that actually takes care of her. We’re now paying $140/month for the best policy we could find for an individual. It gives her two doctors’ appointments a year. She used those on her back alone. There’s nothing left for a mammogram….or a pap smear…..or blood work.  We’re basically betting Blue Cross/Blue Shield $140/month and a $4000 deductible that she’s going to be needing more medical care than that. And God bless Planned Parenthood for giving her the ability to get cancer screening.

As a senior, I want the Medicare and Social Security I’ve PAID FOR with every paycheck I’ve made since I was a teenager to be secure. They’re not an entitlement. They were an investment. And the government hasn’t paid me a cent of interest on that investment.

I want illegal aliens to be deported. If their children are born here, they would be citizens, but it shouldn’t entitle their whole family to the same benefits. Make them come into the country the same way legal entrants gain their green card. Why should they get free health care and a free education when Abbi’s boyfriend has to pay $5000 and NOT WORK for six months to come into this country legally — and when he does, he won’t get any of the benefits we offer illegals. They’ve helped to bankrupt California. I’m over it. My great grandparents came over from Europe  and were turned away at Ellis Island. Luckily, the captain took them to New Orleans where they were able to enter the country….and only then because they had a sponsor.

We’re bailing out banks, financial institutions, and corporations who are already turning a profit while giving no support to start-up small businesses. What can any CEO do to earn a multi-million dollar bonus at the end of the year? In a company we’re subsidizing.    Again, not my fault.

My favorite? I got chastized because I made the comment that Michelle Obama was a classy representative of the United States. How is that offensive? Yet a friend of mine blasted me, insulted me, and unfriended me because I didn’t say Ann Romney was classy, too. So what? I never said she wasn’t. I never said a word about how she was representing the US abroad. Yet because I said Mrs. Obama was a classy representative, evidently it pushed this person over the edge. Pardon me if I don’t get that one.

But back to issues.

And what am I going to do to stand up for the things I want for this country?? I’m going to look at every candidate’s voting record and vote accordingly. I don’t care if the candidate is Republican, Democrat, Green Party, or Independent. If we share the same goals and beliefs, they get my vote. Even if they don’t win. I want someone — and that candidate — to know there are others who share the same goals that would benefit America and make it the greatest country in the world again.  That, I’ll take credit for.

Until tomorrow, stay safe out there. And please think before you vote. Either way.