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Diary of a Sorority House Mom recounts Ann Hyman’s first two years as house director for a female version of “Animal House”, where the women of the house set and enforced their own rules.

When the girls asked if they could recycle liquor bottles during their first meeting, she knew she was in trouble.

Though the house director contract and manual mandated that Ms Hyman was responsible for the safety of the girls, she had no authority to carry out that task. There was no tab on the manual for “what happens if a drunk girl falls out of the third floor window, gets raped, or dies of alcohol poisoning.”

It was common to find kegs icing in the bathtub, bottles of alcohol used as room decorations, and when she asked the risk-management vice president if she wanted to know when a guy spent the night, her response was, “Why? Has someone complained?”

Diary of a Sorority House Mom will make you laugh out loud, and bring you to tears. It is sometimes hysterical, and at others disturbing and disgusting, but it was her life for two years. Her first sorority girls gave her eighteen of the happiest and six of the saddest months of her life. And for the most part, she wouldn’t have changed a thing.