Just when I’m getting used to Vegas and thinking off all the reasons I might like enjoying living here, it’s time to move again.

I’m going to miss going to see Kenny G — still trying to figure a way to give him a home.

The people are the friendliest I’ve met in my too-many-years-of moving; they genuinely want to talk, share, enjoy the company of someone new — ended up spending about an hour in the business center of the hotel yesterday with a guy from Melbourne, Australia who went on and on about how friendly the people in the US are compared to Aussies — they’d been warned how unfriendly we were, yet were amazed at the number of people who spoke to them on the street, even if it was just to say “good morning.”

In most communities, everything you could possible need is within a couple of miles at the most.. Never have to go to the strip unless you really feel the need.

I found a great hotel at a great rate for the week — complete with enormous pool, hot tub (though I can’t imagine anyone using it), fitness center, business center, breakfast with real food, and great staff. I spent about an hour yesterday doing water walking and other exercises I can do in water, since that’s the only exercise I can do these days. And it felt sooooooo good.

There are direct flights to just about everywhere from McCarren. They’ve recently added two to Hawaii. I hate layovers. They’re either so short that you’re afraid of making the connection, or so long you could establish residence.

Since I have no friends here, going to a bar or sports book to watch games gives me people to talk to, a place to yell and talk trash and have a great time.

If I’d been here long enough, there are writing conferences, a fledgling writing community (sadly, Sisters in Crime just folded here), and an alumnae chapter of my sorority along with a local chapter at UNLV where I could be involved and make friends.

But the heat? We’re hit over 100 and have broken records this week — 107 on June 1st. The Desert Rats are used to it, but even they say the body needs time to get used to the high temps,. and there was no time this year. Their advice? Never go anywhere without water and stay hydrated. And nothing hydrates like water — not tea, coffee, mojitos, nothing but water.

But it’s time to move on. Back to Abbi’s for a couple of weeks. By the end of that time, but book should be up on Amazon/Kindle, business cards & post cards are being addressed today so they can be ready before I leave Vegas, and I should know if I’m going to be doing the house mom thing again. There’s only one I’m interested in, and they should start interviewing soon. Then? Maybe back to Oklahoma for a week, maybe mining for gems with Lynn Crislip in North Carolina, maybe………think I’d like to move back to the Bay area, but don’t have any winter clothes anymore. Miss my Sisters in Crime (SinC) group, Book Passage, old friends who have turned into acquaintences over the last 4 years that I’m hoping could turn into friends again, and so many exciting things to do.

I’ll know it when I find it. The days of shoving everything I own in a Fiat 850 Spyder are gone, but I’d figure it out.  Keep posted. And if you see a white Sebring convertible with enough scratches that it’s obvious it’s lived on college campuses for the last 6 years, turn off the lights, lock the doors, and pretend you’re not home.

Till tomorrow? Have some research to do before putting up the next post.

Take care. Love each other. Cherish every minute. And take a risk or two. After all, you can’t reach the next shore until you untie the boat, leave your comfort zone, and leave the dock.